Rain Gutter Repairs

Below are the most common repairs and approximate prices. A $70. minimum applies.

New downspouts - ~ $95. for 1 story and ~$140 for 2 story. Custom colors or painting are additional.

Leaking corner joints and seams - $25 for the first and $20 for each additional. This work comes with a 5 year guarantee.

Rusting gutters - Rusting gutters can be patched up for about $40. per section. There is a limit to what can be done to rusting gutters and the work comes with a limited guarantee. Generally those gutters that we patch up will last many years.

Loose gutters and downspouts – These can generally be reattached as needed. The charge for this depends upon how much time and material is involved.

Repitch – Many but not all gutters can be repitched as needed. With the others there isn’t much that can be done except adding another downspout or having the gutters replaced.

Downspout extensions – Usually these are minor repairs consisting of cutting off the damaged section and reattaching.