Rain Gutter Cleaning

Our gutter cleaning procedure is first to clean the roof as needed/possible. The debris in the gutters is placed into buckets and then the gutters are hosed out. Special attention is always given to clearing the downspouts to get them flowing quick and clear. The outsides of the gutters are hosed off and the debris around the downspouts is picked up.

The below prices are good approximations. Typically houses with asphalt composition roofs are priced lower than houses with cedar shake roofs, Spanish tile, concrete roofs etc. Other factors that might affect the price are location of the house, pitch of the roof, tree branches hanging on the roof or gutters which have been neglected.

Gutter full of leaves and vines

If your gutters look something like this then expect a higher price.

One story houses (from ground level)

Under 1250 square feet $70. to $100.                                                       

1250 to 1750 square feet $80. to $140.

1750 to 2500 square feet $100. to $160.                                              

Over 2500 square feet $140 and up

Two story houses (from ground level)

 Under 1600 square feet $70. to $100.

1600 to 2400 square feet $100. to $140.

2400 to 3200 square feet $100. to $200.

Over 3200 square feet $180 and up

Three story houses (from ground level)

Must be bid by inspection only.

Detached garages or other structures

Will be charged according to the amount of time required. Large accumulations of debris on flat roofs will incur an additional charge.